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New! Silver Garnet Trinity Knot Earrings
  • Silver Garnet Trinity Knot Earrings
  • Silver Garnet Trinity Knot Earrings
  • Silver Garnet Trinity Knot Earrings

Silver Garnet Trinity Knot Earrings

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Genuine garnet gemstone
  • With sterling silver french hooks, for pierced ears only
  • 1 1/8" tall, including the hooks
ESS-256 - Sterling Silver
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There's nothing quite like the rich wine red of garnets, especially when they are paired with the timeless beauty of Celtic knots. Have you ever seen anything so lovely? These garnet gemstone earrings are sure to make you feel like a queen!

These Celtic earrings are made of sterling silver, set with genuine garnet gemstones. They hang from sterling silver French hooks, for pierced ears only. These earrings measure approximately 1 1/8" tall, including the hook.

What is the significance of the Trinity Knot?
For the early Celts, who loved grouping things into triads, this three part knot could stand for the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone), the Three Realms of the World (Water, Air, and Earth), the Individual (Mind, Body and Spirit), or even Time itself (past, present, and future). Notice that the knot itself has no beginning and no end. It simply is. Like the Celts themselves, it is ageless and eternal.

How should I care for my garnet jewelry?
Garnet is actually fairly trouble-free when used in jewelry. It is a relatively tough stone, and not likely to be damaged by day to day wear. If it gets dirty, simply wash it with warm soapy water. Use a soft cloth to polish the silver, and you're good to go!

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