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Dragon Jewelry

- Who can resist the lure of dragon themed jewelry? With their mighty wings and fearsome demeanor, dragons on your jewelry are an inspiration to fly higher, be bolder, and live life on an absolutely epic scale. Imagine a beautiful sterling silver dragon necklace clasped around your neck, or dragon ring on your finger. And of course, we have more informal dragon jewelry as well, such as our enamel pins. Men and women alike will find something to love in our ever-growing dragon jewelry collection. Add a touch of fantasy to your jewelry chest today!

Dragon Jewelry

Limited Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette
Only 3 left!

4 stars (1 review)
Silver Flying Dragon Pendant Silver Flying Dragon Pendant

Sterling silver - $83.00
5 stars (2 reviews)
Silver Celtic Dragons Ring Silver Celtic Dragons Ring

Available in sizes 5-15
Sterling Silver - $60.00
5 stars (11 reviews)
Silver Labradorite Dragon's Claw Ring Silver Labradorite Dragon's Claw Ring

Available in sizes 6-12
Sterling Silver - $85.00
Golden Viking Dragons Ring Golden Viking Dragons Ring

Available in sizes 7-12
Stainless Steel and Gold IP - $22.00
4 stars (1 review)
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What is the meaning of dragon jewelry?

As with most of the jewelry we sell, the meaning of your dragon jewelry is likely to be highly individual, and specific to your particular tastes. But perhaps we can offer some general insights into the symbolism of dragon jewelry. First and foremost, a dragon represents strength, whether that is physical strength, or strength of will. Similarly, a dragon's fierce nature will manifest itself as direct, bold action in the face of danger. Someone who feels a kinship with dragons is going to have great courage and self-assurance. And finally, dragons are associated with good fortune and wisdom. All things considered, the meaning attached to dragon inspired jewelry is overwhelmingly positive.

Do you sell any dragon jewelry for men?

Absolutely! All of our jewelry is unisex, and can be worn by both men and women. In general though, we find that most men prefer our larger, beefier styles, such as the Silver Celtic Dragons Ring and the Bronze Dragon Pendant.

Is there a Gryphon's Moon store with dragon jewelry near me?

If you have a computer, we are as close as your front door. We are a mail-order business, and our entire catalog can be found online. We even offer free shipping on orders over $100. We do not have a brick-and-mortar storefront that is accessible to customers. This allows us to keep our prices down, while reaching a far wider customer base than we could as a local business.

What makes Gryphon's Moon a better dragon jewelry shop than Amazon or Etsy?

Several reasons, actually. We offer a collection of fantasy jewelry that has been carefully curated to include only the highest quality dragon rings, dragon necklaces, and dragon earrings from across the globe, at affordable prices. Our sources range from well-established companies with headquarters in multiple countries, right down to mom-and-pop artisans working in their own homes. You will not find a better selection of dragon jewelry for men or women anywhere else. As a small, family-owned business, our highest priority is your satisfaction. If you have questions or concerns about your order, simply email or call us. We're here to help. Try getting that level of service at Walmart or Amazon!

Does Gryphon's Moon offer wholesale pricing on Dragon Jewelry?

Gryphon's Moon is a retail business. We do not offer wholesale pricing.