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Start Your Magical Journey: An Intro to Candle Magic

What's the very first magical ritual you ever performed? Was it a form of candle magic? I'm willing to bet, it was.

Bithday Cake with Candles

Do you remember blowing out the candles on your birthday cake? Remember how the tiny flames pushed the shadows back to the edges of the room when the lights were lowered? And then, with your perfect little edible altar set in front of you, you would wish, wish, WISH for the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world. And then hold that thought in your heart and your mind as you joyfully extinguished the flames and sealed the spell.

Magic? You'd better believe it!

Candle magic is wonderfully adaptable to different situations. In more formal rituals, candles might be used to define the boundaries of a Circle, or to represent the presence of the God and Goddess. There are all kinds of charts and tables showing what color candle to use for a particular sort of spell. More informally, candles are just as at home on dinner tables, and fireplace mantles, and the sides of bathtubs. In fact, I keep a couple on my desk at all times. Amber and sage scented are my favorites. They are a break from the ordinary. A reminder to relax and refocus on my current goals.

The soft glow of candlelight, the delicate fragrances released by the burning wax, the warmth of the flame... candles engage your senses so completely that they are a powerful tool in working magic. The simple flicker of firelight finds an answering spark in your spirit, and re-affirms the power that lies within you. It sharpens your attention, and focusses your intentions. It helps you to set the ordinary, everyday world aside for a time, as you work your magic. Candles will never do the work for you, but they sure will make it easier to find the magic within.

Bithday Cake with Candles

In the captivating world of candle magic, where intentions weave the fabric of reality, your focused intent stands as the true cornerstone of your practice. While each candle color carries its own spectrum of energies, it's important to acknowledge that personal inclinations, associations, and available options can guide your choice. Whether you find resonance in a different shade, hold preferences, or seek alternatives, remember that the heart of potent candle magic resides in your focused intent. Beyond the surface, it's your intent that shapes the course of magic, infusing your desires with purpose and guiding them towards manifestation. The true magic transcends the physical attributes, drawing strength from your intent and propelling your aspirations to dance harmoniously with the universe's symphony. So, as you navigate the rich palette of candle magic, embrace the elements that harmonize with your spirit, for it's the intent you weave that ultimately threads the fabric of your magical journey.

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