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Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece
  • Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece
  • Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece
  • Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece

Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece

  • Gold-tone alloy
  • One size fits all
TIK-142-G - Base Metal
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This style is a bit more substantial than our other headpieces. It's not uncomfortably heavy, mind you, but it really does feel like you're wearing a treasure trove when you have it on. You will feel like a queen while wearing it! The gold-tone coins catch the light and jingle softly every time you turn your head.

The Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece has a maximum length of 24" around, and can be adjusted smaller. It is made of a gold-tone metal alloy alloy.

How do I put the fantasy headpiece on?
When you hold the headpiece at the hooks, you'll see it has 3 strands of chain. One of those is coin-less, and it will go over the center of your head, and the two chains with the coins will drape on either side of your head. Depending on your hair type, and how active you plan on being, you may want to add a few bobby pins to hold it more securely.

Could I wear this for my wedding?
The Gold Coin Fantasy Headpiece is reminiscent of an Indian tikka or dauni - part of the traditional jewelry worn by the bride on her wedding day. There's no need to save it for that special day though. This bright and breezy style looks great on any occasion- tiara Tuesdays, cosplays, prom nights, renaissance faires, LARPing, a night at the opera, Halloween costumes, and so much more.

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