Steel Rainbow Pawprint Ring

Steel Rainbow Pawprint Ring

  • Stainless steel / Titanium Finish
  • Approximately 1/4" wide
  • Available in sizes 4.5-14
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It's paw-itively adorable! Anyone who treasures the love and support of their pets, and can't live without their four-legged friends, is going to go ga-ga over this ring. Just look at that parade of tiny paw prints marching around the band. How could you resist!

This ring is made from stainless steel, anodized with a rainbow titanium coating. The surface displays a rainbow of colors, on both the inside and the outside of the band. No two rings are exactly alike. Unlike dyes, which can quickly wear off, the rainbow titanium bonds permanently to the metal, for a long-lasting sheen of color.

The Rainbow Pawprint Steel Ring measures 1/4" wide, and is available in sizes 4.5-14.

Are those cat paw prints or dog paw prints?
That's open for interpretation. Whether they belong to a cat or dog, or even a wolf, tiger, or bear, is strictly up to you and your imagination.

Why do you offer such odd sizes?
These rings are made overseas, where their ring sizes do not correspond exactly to US sizes. These were the closest equivalents we could get.

How do you get that metallic rainbow color?
It's magic!

Well, no, not really. It actually involves a process by which thin layers of titanium oxide are deposited on the surface of the steel via electroplating. The strength of the electric charge determines the thickness of the oxide layers, and that, in turn, is what determines the color that is seen.

So, yeah… magic!

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