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Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant
  • Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant
  • Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant
  • Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant
  • Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant

Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Lab grown sapphire gemstone
  • Measures 1 3/8" tall, including the bail
  • Includes 18" sterling silver chain
PSS-2320 - Sterling Silver
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A heavenly blue sapphire sits at the center of this pendant, framed by a crescent moon woven into the arms of a five-point star. Bordering this unusual pentacle is the text, "I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars."

The design for this pendant is the creative work of the artisan Paul Borda. Paul works in various mediums, but typically, his creations start as wood carvings. This is a process that can take hundreds of hours, as he works to draw forth his vision from the block of wood. Once that is complete, he works with skilled jewelers who are able to translate his work into sterling silver.

This sterling silver pendant measures 1 3/8" tall, including the bail, and comes with an 18" sterling chain.

Copyrighted design by artist Paul Borda.

What is that text drawn from?
The words that border this pentacle are drawn from the Charge of the Goddess, a much longer piece that has many variations, but these particular phrases appear in most versions.

What gemstone lore is associated with sapphires?
Sapphires can come in a wide variety of colors, but it is best known (and loved) in its blue form. People from many cultures have drawn the connection between its blue color and the color of the heavens. Ancient Persians even told that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, which gave the sky its color. This gem is often associated with constancy and commitment. It is also said to aid in the quest for enlightenment and inner peace. Sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September.

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    5 stars
    A review by for Silver Sapphire Moon Pentacle Pendant

    Beautifully crafted, perfect sapphire crystal, meaningful symbols, and very shiny good-quality silver! I love this pendant. I also love the poetic inscription.