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Discontinued Barn Owl Necklace
  • Barn Owl Necklace
  • Barn Owl Necklace
  • Barn Owl Necklace
  • Barn Owl Necklace

Barn Owl Necklace

  • Silver-tone zinc alloy
  • Nearly 3" wingspan
  • 21" long
NBM-A20 - Zinc Alloy
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Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

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This is sure to be a must-have piece of jewelry for anyone who feels the pull of the forest, lying silent and still beneath the moon and stars. This barn owl necklace perfectly captures that sense of peace and tranquillity you find as the twilight descends into the trees. With his wings spread wide, this magnificent owl displays the silhouette of the forest on his feathers.

Our Barn Owl Necklace measures nearly 3" across, from wingtip to wingtip, and 1 1/4" tall. It is made of a zinc alloy, giving it a dramatic silver-and-black coloring which is quite striking. This owl necklace measures 21" long.

What is the meaning of the owl?
As a totem animal, the owl is renowned for its wisdom, clairvoyance, and magic. Its acute eyesight and hearing give it the ability to discern secrets and deceptions in the moonlit world. Although some cultures consider the owl to be an unlucky portent, the owl is also known for being silent, graceful, and perceptive. If your spirit animal is a barn owl, it may be because you often feel hidden in the shadows, and are searching for a guide through the darkness.

What does wearing an owl necklace mean?
If you love wearing jewelry that incorporates owls in the design, it's safe to say that you are an extraordinary individual. Like the owl with his curious, enigmatic gaze, you too are perceptive, intuitive, and wise beyond your years.

What is special about barn owls?
With its heart-shaped face and smooth, sleek appearance, it's hard to mistake a barn owl for any other type of owl. In fact, they are distinct enough from other species that scientists have placed them in their own taxonomic family, called Tytonidae, which comes from a Greek word meaning "night owl".

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