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Silver Triple Moon Pendant with Mother of Pearl
  • Silver Triple Moon Pendant with Mother of Pearl
  • Silver Triple Moon Pendant with Mother of Pearl
  • Silver Triple Moon Pendant with Mother of Pearl

Silver Triple Moon Pendant with Mother of Pearl

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Mother of Pearl gemstone
  • Measures 7/8" tall, including the bail
  • Includes 18" sterling silver chain
PSS-G280 - Sterling Silver
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When you gaze up into the night sky to spot the moon floating above the clouds, does it send shivers down your spine? Does your pulse quicken when you are touched by its silvery light? Do you feel your senses sharpen until you could swear you are one with the surrounding night? This isn't madness; this is magic!

A lustrous mother-of-pearl cabochon is the highlight of this silver moon necklace, and it is surrounded on either side by two crescents, one waxing and one waning. This is the Triple Moon symbol, which pagans and wiccans use to represent the Goddess in her forms of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Our Triple Moon Pendant measures 7/8" tall, including the bail. It comes with an 18" sterling silver chain.

What is "Mother of Pearl"?
If you have ever seen the iridescent sheen on the inside surface of some sea shells, such as pearl oysters or freshwater mussels, you've seen mother of pearl in its natural form. These shellfish secrete a protective substance known as nacre, which coats the inside of their shell, making it smooth and lustrous. Nacre is the same substance that that the shellfish use to form pearls, when foreign particles, such as grains of sand, enter their shell. So, mother of pearl is the nacre-coated mollusk shell, and actual pearl gemstones are the much rarer (and more valuable) spheres made entirely of nacre.

What does the Triple Moon symbol mean?
The Triple Moon is a symbol of the three-fold aspects of the Goddess. The waxing crescent represents the Maiden- a woman in her youth, whose life is ruled by new beginnings, unharnessed energy, and the joy of discovery. The full moon is the symbol of the Mother- a time in a woman's life when she can celebrate the fruition of her early efforts. This is a phase of stability and fulfillment. The waning crescent represent the Crone, full of patience and wisdom, and the ability to lead and teach others. As a whole, the Triple Moon symbol captures the essence of feminine energy and power.

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