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Silver Celtic Peridot Ring
  • Silver Celtic Peridot Ring
  • Silver Celtic Peridot Ring
  • Silver Celtic Peridot Ring
  • Silver Celtic Peridot Ring
  • Silver Celtic Peridot Ring

Silver Celtic Peridot Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Natural peridot cabochon
  • Available in whole sizes 4-11
  • Approximately 3/8" wide
RSS-268 - Sterling Silver
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With its clear golden green color, peridot is both strikingly beautiful and surprisingly affordable. This ring features a peridot cabochon set between panels of intricate Celtic knots. Surely this ring will remind you of sunlight shining on an Irish meadow in Spring. So lovely and full of promise.

Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August, and it also a traditional gift for 16th wedding anniversaries.

This beautiful Celtic ring is made of sterling silver, and is set with a genuine peridot gemstone. It is available in sizes 4-11, whole sizes only. The ring measures approximately 3/8" at its widest point.

Is peridot known by any other name?
Technically, peridot is a form of olivine, but that's not a particularly romantic name, now is it? So how about this as a bit of gemstone lore: ancient Egyptians called this gem the "stone of the Sun" because of its extraordinary golden-green color. Romans had a different name for it. They knew is as "Evening Emeralds", and their legends said that these stones would glow with an inner fire as the sun began to set. And Hawaiians who found peridot crystals in volcanic ash, dedicated the gem to their goddess of fire and lightning, and called it "Pele's tears".

Does peridot jewelry need any special care?
In general, your peridot ring will not need anything more than a soft polishing cloth to bring out the shine in the gem and the sterling silver. Additional cleaning may be done with mild soap and warm water if needed. Using steam cleaning is not recommended, as peridot is sensitive to sudden and extreme temperature changes.

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