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Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring
  • Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring
  • Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring
  • Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring
  • Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring
  • Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring

Silver Celtic Onyx Men's Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Genuine onyx gemstone
  • Available in whole sizes 7-13
  • Ring is 3/4" at its widest, 3/16" at its narrowest
RSS-531 - Sterling Silver
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Now here's a ring with a decidedly masculine appeal. The large onyx cabochon and gleaming sterling silver make a statement that is impossible to ignore. Would you wear this ring every day, or save it for special occasions? I don't think I could resist wearing it all the time.

The midnight black cabochon in this ring is a real show stopper. Polished to a flawless gleam, this genuine onyx gemstone measures approximately 5/8" by 1/2". The handsome sterling silver body of the ring sets the stone off to perfection. Bold and beautiful Celtic knots create a look that is both powerful and timeless.

The Celtic Onyx Men's Ring is made of sterling silver, and measures 3/4" wide. It is available in sizes 7-13, whole sizes only.

Does this ring look good on large hands?
It really does! So often, it is difficult to find jewelry that is beautifully proportioned for larger hands. This ring definitely fits the bill.

Does this ring come in ladies sizes?
If you mean, do we have a similar ring with a smaller stone and Celtic knots, then no, I'm afraid we don't. If you mean, does this exact ring come in smaller sizes that are more likely to fit a woman's hands, then yes. You see, ring sizes are unisex. Unlike, say, shoe sizes, a woman's size 10 ring is the same as a man's size 10 ring. And yes, we offer this ring is whole sizes from 7 to 13. Sizes at the lower end of that range are likely to fit most women's hands.

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