Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
  • Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak
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Full-Circle Brown Herringbone Cloak

- Can you imagine what it would feel like to sling this cloak around your shoulders and set off down the road? If this one doesn't make you want to storm the castle, or dance with the faeries, you just aren't living right! The fabric is a medium-weight brown material in a herringbone pattern with just a touch of silkiness. It drapes and moves beautifully, with no stiffness or scratchiness.

This cloak measures a full 38" from the back of the neck to the bottom hem. The neck opening is 27 1/2" around. That's my husband in the pictures. For reference, he is 6'4" tall.

This is a full circle cloak. That means it has a lot of fabric in it. This is the type of cloak that makes otherwise staid and sober adults want to twirl around until they can no longer stand up straight. With a full-circle cloak, you can throw one side over your shoulder to keep in your body heat even more effectively. The only drawback to full circle cloaks is that they are also heavier. Just something to keep in mind when you are making your choice.

CLK-020 - Handmade Cloak
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Before any sewing occurs, the fabric is washed in hot water and dried on high heat. The same happens with any trims that will be used. I typically do not know the fabric content of the materials I work with, and doing this ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises, like shrinking or fading, down the road when you wash your cloak.

The finishing touches are what it's all about! All seams are French seamed, all hems are double rolled and double stitched, and all corners are mitered. Yes, it's a pain, and yes it takes longer to make it that way, but it means that you will not have any raw edges on your cloak that will ravel.

My husband makes the clasps for my cloaks, handworking the copper wire, and work hardening it as he goes, to make each piece as durable as it is beautiful.

In short, I take a great deal of pride in each cloak I make, because I want it to be something you will wear and enjoy for years to come. These are not cheap costume pieces, meant to wear once and throw away. They are carefully crafted garments which will stand up to years of wear and tear.

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