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Clearance! Large Turkey Feathers
Clearance! Large Turkey Feathers
Clearance! Large Turkey Feathers
  • Large Turkey Feathers
  • Large Turkey Feathers
  • Large Turkey Feathers
Last Chance - Limited Quantity - Only 3 left!

Large Turkey Feathers

Only $8.00
  • Set of 5 feathers
  • 9" to 11" long
FTH-101 - Set of 5 Feathers
$10.00 - Clearance - SAVE 20%! Now Only $8.00

Let your inner crafter go wild! There's no telling where your imagination and creativity will take you with these all natural turkey feathers. Each feather has subtle brown and black striping, with a bold white tip at the end.

Large feathers such as these work wonderfully to waft the smoke from incense or sage bundles. You can simply hold several together in your hand, to wave gently back and forth. Or if you prefer, make your own feather fan, as plain or elaborate as you wish.

Many people like to use feathers on their pagan altar as a symbol of the element of Air.

You will receive a set of 5 large turkey feathers. Lengths vary, but most are between 9" and 11" long. Please keep in mind, these are a natural product. It seems silly to say this, but these were not mass produced in a factory somewhere with precision machining. There will be variations and minor imperfections. That's part of their beauty. Like snowflakes, each one is unique.

What else can I use my feathers for?
Use them for quill pens, or costume components, or cat toys. Attach them to hats or masks. Mix and match them with other feathers to make fans. Use them as a canvas to paint on. Incorporate them in dream catchers. Add them to floral arrangements. So many possibilities!

Will my feathers have an unpleasant smell?
Because of the process used to clean them, your feathers may retain a hint of a moth ball type smell. It is best to take them out of their plastic bag and let them air for a day or two before you use them.

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