Tree of Life Illumination Art
Tree of Life Illumination Art
  • Tree of Life Illumination Art
  • Tree of Life Illumination Art

Tree of Life Illumination Art

Only $6.00
  • 7" window sticker
  • Translucent artwork
  • Static cling
  • Best for indoor use
WST-IA04 - reusable static-cling window sticker

Such a timeless and inspiring image! The Tree of Life, with its deep roots and arching branches, demonstrates clearly how everything is interconnected. We are all a part of the vast and fragile web of life, and must learn to exist in balance and harmony with all living things.

This 2-sided translucent artwork is suitable for windows and glass doors. As beautiful as these colors are on your computer screen, imagine how they will look with sunlight streaming through them. This static cling sticker is removable and reusable.

To apply, first clean and dry the glass. Remove the paper backing from the decal, and stick one edge to the glass. Starting on that edge, and working your way across the entire sticker, press down and gently work out any air bubbles that may be trapped between the sticker and glass.

Are these meant for indoor-only use?
Yes, the illumination art stickers should only be used indoors.

What is the difference between "Illumination Art" and "Small Window Sticker"?
Please note that we have two different styles of window art. What we call "illumination art" is a square picture measuring 7" x 7", which uses static cling to stay in place. We also offer "window stickers", which are round, and smaller, measuring only 4 1/2" in diameter, and are held in place with a permanent adhesive.

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