Wooden Needle Case
Wooden Needle Case
Wooden Needle Case
  • Wooden Needle Case
  • Wooden Needle Case
  • Wooden Needle Case

Wooden Needle Case

Only $5.00
  • Made of polished wood with brass fittings
  • 3 5/16" overall length
  • Includes 12 self-threading needles

What a lovely little luxury this is. No more hunting for your needles when you'd rather be happily stitching away at your next project. The wooden case is polished to a silky smooth finish, with no rough spots to catch on your work. About the same size as a lipstick, this case is a perfect size for slipping into your project tote or sewing basket.

Included with the needle case are 12 self-threading needles. If you've ever struggled to line up your thread with the eye of your needle, you'll appreciate the clever design of these needles. No more need for eye-crossing or squinting. You simply lay your thread across the needle at the notch, and tug it into place. The thread is guided into place by the shape of the needle. So easy and convenient!

The self-threading needles come in three assorted sizes. Please note that these are sharps. They work wonderfully for most sewing tasks, but they are not suitable for cross stitch.

What size are the needles?
The stainless steel needles come in three lengths- 3.6 cm, 3.8 cm, and 4.2 cm.

Does the case open and close smoothly?
Absolutely! The brass fittings are strong and durable, and precisely machined to give a tight fit without binding or cross-threading. And because they are made from brass and not steel, you never have to worry about rust, even in the most humid environments.

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