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New! Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood
  • Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood

Black Moon Phase Cloak with Hood

  • Cloak with hood and trim
  • Ties at neck
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable. Easy care.
CLK-A10 - Factory Made Cloak
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This is a bit of a departure for us, since all our cloaks previously have been one-of-a-kinds that I sewed myself, but when I found these, I just knew we had to have them. Isn't it glorious? The moon phases along the front of this cloak and around the hood are so very enchanting. This spectacular cloak will have you dreaming of midnight and moonlight and magic.

The silky soft fabric is light weight. This is a cloak made for billowing gracefully around you on a blustery day. It is not meant to keep you warm and toasty on cold winter days. The black fabric is 100% polyester, and is a visibly modern fabric, so this cloak is not a good choice for historical re-enactment, but is wonderful for rituals, witchy festivals, and coven gatherings, as well as for cosplay and LARPing.

This black cloak with moon phase trim is made of easy to care for polyester, and is machine washable. It is quite long, measuring 60" from the back of the neck to the bottom hem. Please measure carefully before ordering to be sure it is something you can comfortably wear. That's me in the photo. For reference, I'm 5'9" tall, and you can see it's plenty long. The neck opening is 26 1/2" around.

What should I do if the cloak is too long?
This is a long cloak, no doubt about it! The easiest solution, if you are worried about the extra length, is to simply gather the cloak up with your hands when you walk, and let the part in the back follow you like a train. If you have sewing experience, you could also hem it to the desired length. Just be aware, we cannot accept returns on items that have been altered.

Could I wear this at my wiccan wedding ceremony?
Ooh my, yes! If you are planning a witchy wedding, this would be absolutely perfect! Keep in mind too, that we offer the Moon Phase cloak in different colors, if you and your spouse want a similar-but-not-quite-matching look.

Is this the same as the Nyx Cloak from Holy Clothing?
No. Although the two styles are similar, ours has a significantly lower price point. It is also made from a different fabric, with printed, rather than embroidered, trim.

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