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Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card
  • Midnight Messenger Yule Card

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Midnight Messenger Yule Card

  • Single Card & Coordinating Envelope
  • Holiday Message Inside
  • Shadow Artwork Inside
  • Recycled paper
CRD-AN40 - Single Card and Envelope
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What a magical landscape this is! The bare trees and winter snows catch the light of a full moon so bright, it seems almost like day. This cloaked and crowned maiden certainly seems to be in her element, along with her pair of owl companions. With a scroll clutched in his talons, one owl is off to deliver its message of yuletide greetings.

Open the Midnight Messenger Yule Card, and you'll find more fanciful holiday art- a guardian dragon curled around a candle, with the words "Yuletide Greetings" above, surrounded by that same phrase in several other languages. The facing page reads, "With blessings of the season". Add your own message if you wish. Then slip the Christmas card into the coordinating envelope, and send it on its way. This earth-friendly card is printed on recycled paper using vegetable oil based inks. Cards are sold individually, wrapped in protective cellophane. They measure 6 3/4" by 4 3/4".

Who is the artist?
This card is based on a work by the English artist Anne Stokes. Anne specializes in bringing fantasy subjects to life, whether they be fairies, dragons, unicorns, or completely new creatures drawn from her own imagination.

The holidays are over, but the card is too pretty to throw away!
Keep it! Find an inexpensive 5" x 7" frame, and slide it in. This Yule card will make a gorgeous mini-poster when you deck the halls next year.

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