Spring Altar

spring altar

The seasons are changing down here in the South. The spring equinox is just around the corner. Grey and gloomy weather has given way to sunshine and soft breezes.

This feels like the start of the new year to me, no matter what the calendar says. I feel itchy and restless and ready for new beginnings. Every tiny green leaf I see, on branches that have been bare all winter, remind me that I, too, have had a season of rest, and now it is time to burst forth and grow, grow, GROW!

I snuck away from my regular duties for a while today, to sit beneath the trees and recharge. And, because the day was so beautiful, I set up a few favorites of mine that will soon find their way to an indoor altar space. I thought they would enjoy the sunshine as much as I. Does that sound odd to you?

A quick Google search will yield numerous sites that will tell you how your altar “should” be set up. This crystal here; that candle there. And I have to admit, I just don’t get it. My sacred space needs to be mine alone, not a copy of someone else’s blueprint.

See that goblet? That’s a piece of Depression-era glass that I inherited from my Grandmother. It’s not just a symbolic vessel for my altar. It’s a connection between me and my ancestors. That wand? Made by my own two hands, from wood that grew right here on our homestead. The tiny eggs in the nest are “practice eggs”, laid by our hens when they first began laying. They aren’t just a symbol of new life. They are reminder of my connection to the land here. Everything in that untidy little pile has a meaning beyond what is easily seen.

And I have to admit, it’s unlikely that these treasures will all find their way to a single, formal altar space once they come back inside. Some of it will, surely, but the flowers will probably go to the kitchen table. The acorns will go back outside for the squirrels. The sage candle will go to my desk, because it smells like green and life and hope, and I love to have it burning as I work. And each of these spots around my home will become an altar. I will surround myself with my magic, and tuck it into every nook and cranny of my life.

There are no rules for your magic. Only the ones you write yourself. And you know, far better than any expert, what will call to your soul and light your fire within.

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