Do you listen to yourself? 

I mean, really, do you hear the messages you say to yourself day after day, year after year?

I Never thought I was a Bully... until I listened to how I speak to Myself. I think I owe myself an Apology. ~z2z~The internal dialogue you carry on with yourself is easy to overlook, but it nevertheless plays an important role in how you perceive yourself and your abilities. So honestly now, when was the last time you said something nice to yourself? Or is it more likely that you’ll find yourself saying, “How could I be so stupid!” or “I’m no good at that.”

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.” Smart man, that Henry Ford.

Listen to the thoughts running around in your head. Do you have a particular problem that’s bugging you? Some situation that’s making you anxious or angry? Fine. It’s time to take a closer look at it.

Imagine for a moment that your very best friend came to you with that same problem or concern. What would you say to them? Would the first words out of your mouth be “You are such an idiot!”? Of course not! You wouldn’t bully your friend, so why on earth would you bully yourself? And yet, we all seem to do so. Day after day after day, we repeat negative messages to ourself, and even worse, we believe them!

It’s time to change the message. Each morning, choose a simple affirmation for the day. Do you feel ugly and unloved? Tell yourself you are beautiful and appreciated. Do you feel like you waste too much time? Tell yourself you are focussed and productive. One of my favorite affirmations comes from the old story of the Little Engine That Could: “I think I can. I think I can.” Say that to yourself, and see if you don’t have a more positive, determined attitude.

The words you say to yourself matter. Choose them carefully, and treat yourself like a friend, not an enemy.