Silver "Síorghrá" Celtic Ring
  • Silver "Síorghrá" Celtic Ring
  • Silver "Síorghrá" Celtic Ring

Silver "Síorghrá" Celtic Ring

- From the moment you slide this wide Celtic ring onto your finger, you'll feel its exceptional quality. Crisp, clean lines of Celtic knotwork weave a pattern in sterling silver that is ageless and eternal. "Síorghrá" can be translated from the Irish Gaelic as "Eternal Love". And while anyone can wear and enjoy this ring, it is especially meaningful to people looking for a symbol of their interwoven paths and joined destinies.

See the way the lines of silver pass over and under each other? Each one inseparable from the next in the pattern. The Celts saw all Life as interconnected, and this belief was echoed in their artwork. Indeed, some of their artistry was so finely detailed that it was called "the work of Angels" by those who could not believe that it was done by human hands.

RSS-623 - Sterling Silver
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Can this only be worn as a wedding band?
Not at all. Many of our customers have used it as a wedding or handfasting ring, but it certainly doesn't have to be.

Is this a man's ring or lady's ring?
At approximately 3/8" wide, this ring is beautifully suited for both male and female hands. Because it is so substantial, it tends to fit a bit more snugly than narrower rings, so if you usually wear a half size, go ahead and order the next size up.

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