Silver Owl Ring
  • Silver Owl Ring
  • Silver Owl Ring
  • Silver Owl Ring

Silver Owl Ring

- There are plenty of silver owl rings for sale, but few have as much character and personality as this little guy does. From his finely ruffled feathers to his genuine gemstone eyes, this sterling silver owl ring is simply perfection. Whooo… could resist it!

As a totem animal, the owl is renowned for its wisdom, clairvoyance, and magic. Its acute eyesight and hearing give it the ability to discern secrets and deceptions in the moonlit world. Although some cultures consider the owl to be an unlucky portent, the owl is also known for being silent, graceful, and perceptive.

RSS-151 - Sterling Silver
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Are those real gemstones in his eyes?
Yes, they are genuine gemstones. We generally have a mix of lapis, onyx, shell, mother of pearl, and others on hand. However, we can't guarantee that we will have a specific gemstone in your particular size, so please allow us to choose for you.

Didn't the goddess Athena have an owl?
Well, yes and no. In some stories, Athena is accompanied by an owl, and in others, she actually becomes the owl. Also, in various sources, she is referred to as "owl-eyed" or "flashing eyed". The connection between the goddess and the bird are undeniable though. The owl's ability to see in the dark naturally led to it being described as perceptive, watchful, and wise - all of which are fitting characteristics for a companion of the goddess of wisdom and war.

I love owls! Do you have more owl products?
We love owls too! And yes, you can find all of our owl-related merchandise here.

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 8 customer reviews (Show/Hide Reviews)

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