Silver Celtic Moon Ring
  • Silver Celtic Moon Ring
  • Silver Celtic Moon Ring
  • Silver Celtic Moon Ring

Silver Celtic Moon Ring

- Simple, pure, and utterly bewitching. Finally, here is a ring that speaks volumes about who you are and what you believe. The Silver Celtic Moon Ring reflects all the peace and serenity of a starlit sky.

A pair of Celtic knots flanks the crescent moon at the heart of this ring, adding their mystic allure. Knotwork is an age-old art form that uses the intricately woven patterns to represent the interconnectedness of all living things.

The Silver Celtic Moon Ring is made of sterling silver, a metal that, just like the Moon itself, is associated with intuition and feminine energies. The moon at the center measures 5/16" in diameter.

RSS-206 - Sterling Silver
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What is the meaning of the new moon?
Did you know that the crescent moon is a potent symbol of optimism and fresh starts? The dark of the moon is the time for setting goals and making plans. And then, as the Moon begins once more to grow in the night sky, you'll start to feel the momentum change. Ideas that were once tenuous and indistinct gain clarity, and obstacles melt away. It's as if the world is holding its breath, waiting for something wonderful to happen. That is the power of the new moon.

Would this work as a child's ring?
If the child in question is old enough to not swallow it or lose it, then yes, absolutely. For a young person especially, you want a ring that is not gaudy or over-embellished, and this fits the bill beautifully. The moon ring also has a low profile, meaning it won't be in danger of snagging on things during normal activities.

I wish you had it in my size.
Are you sure we don't? We offer the Silver Celtic Moon Ring in whole sizes from 4 to 12, because frankly, just like you, we're frustrated by places that just sell the three or four most popular sizes. So large or small hands are generally no problem. If you need one even larger than a size 12, check with us. We might be able to do it as a special order.

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