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Moon Goddess Statuette
  • Moon Goddess Statuette
  • Moon Goddess Statuette
  • Moon Goddess Statuette
  • Moon Goddess Statuette

Moon Goddess Statuette

  • Measures 7 1/4" tall
  • Made from gypsum
  • Indoor use only
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Crowned with a pentacle on her brow, this goddess figure balances the crescent moon between her palms, a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Whether you know her as Selene, Luna, Sefket, Chang- O, or a host of other names, she is a familiar presence around the globe, as ancient and ageless as the sky itself, yet constantly renewed as she passes gently from one phase to the next.

The Moon Goddess Statuette stands 7 1/4" tall, and has a flat back. She is ivory colored, with a dusting of gold to bring out the details. For anyone who regularly works with lunar energies, this will be a welcome addition to your altar or work space.

What is the meaning of the spiral patterns that cover her body?
Often, in magic, the spiral is used as a symbol of renewal or rebirth. It can also represent the journey from awareness of the physical world, to mastery of one's inner world through experience and enlightenment.

Can this be used outdoors?
The Moon Goddess Statuette is suitable for indoor use only.

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