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Triple Moon Dish
  • Triple Moon Dish
  • Triple Moon Dish
  • Triple Moon Dish
  • Triple Moon Dish
  • Triple Moon Dish

Triple Moon Dish

  • Ceramic bone china
  • 4 3/4" in diameter and 5/8" deep
BOL-100 - Ceramic Bone China
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This lovely little crescent moon dish is just the right size to hold all your tiny treasures. Use it on your vanity or dresser as a trinket dish to hold your rings or loose change. On your desk, it makes a handy catch-all for paperclips and such. But where it really shines is at the center of your sacred space. Wouldn't it look lovely on a pagan altar, holding salt or crystals, or even just displayed on its own?

The ceramic dish is inky black, with a smattering of stars, and a moon phase design that honors the triple goddess in all her forms.

The Triple Moon Dish is made of high quality ceramic bone china, and measures 4 3/4" in diameter, and 5/8" deep.

What's the best way to clean my Moon Dish?
All you need is soap and water. Easy peasy!

Could I use my Moon Dish to hold potpourri?
Yes, but… keep in mind that the dish is actually quite shallow, so it may not hold as much as you want.

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