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Cedar Smudge Stick
Cedar Smudge Stick
Cedar Smudge Stick
  • Cedar Smudge Stick
  • Cedar Smudge Stick
  • Cedar Smudge Stick

Cedar Smudge Stick

Only $4.00 or 3 for $10.00
  • Used for smudging
  • Attracts good spirits, eliminates negative energy
  • 4" bundle
HRB-110 - Cedar
$4.00 or 3 for $10.00

If you have just moved in to a new home or workspace, if you are ready to make a fresh start at something and want to avoid negative influences, if you wish to attract good fortune- this is a great time to smudge with a bundle of cedar, to cleanse, balance, and purify yourself and your surroundings.

Cedar is best known for attracting good spirits and eliminating negative energy. Our bundles of cedar are approximately 4" long.

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How do I light my Cedar Smudge Bundle?
Grasp the Cedar Smudge Bundle at one end, and hold it with the other end pointed slightly downward. Hold a lighter, match, or even a lit candle, to the tip of the bundle. Once it catches, let it burn for a few seconds before you press the tip against a fire-proof surface (a bowl or shell works well) just long enough to extinguish the flames. Leave the smoldering embers, though. This is what will release the fragrant smoke, and let the herb do its job.

Now what?
Fix your intention firmly in your mind before you begin. Gently waft the smoke from the smoldering cedar over and around you and/or your tools, as you focus on driving away the bad vibes. Or if you are smudging your home, go from room to room, along the walls and into every corner, again, focussing on your purpose as you proceed. Be sure to open all doors and window give any malevolent spirits a route to depart.

Now how do I extinguish my herbal bundle?
Cedar does not burn particularly vigorously. Once you stop moving around, and place the bundle on a fire-proof surface, it will go out on its own after a few minutes. You do not need to wet your bundle to make it go out.

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