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Discontinued Selenite Palm Stone
  • Selenite Palm Stone
  • Selenite Palm Stone
  • Selenite Palm Stone
  • Selenite Palm Stone

Selenite Palm Stone

  • Banishes negative energy, promotes intuition & spiritual development
  • Single Palm stone
  • Approximately 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"
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Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

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What is it about selenite that makes it so comforting and healing? And that beautiful shine! As if it holds the beams of the full moon within its depths. If you resonate with selenite's gentle energies, and would like to increase your contact with this magical stone, a palm stone may be just what you need. Palm stones are crystals that have been cut and polished to feel just right when you slip them into the palm of your hand. Sometimes known as "worry stones", selenite palm stones are an excellent way to invite peace and tranquility into your life. This is a handmade item, so expect minor differences, but each palm stone will measure approximately 2 3/4" long, and 2 1/4" wide, with a height of about 1 1/4".

Selenite takes its name from the Greek goddess of the moon. This stone is used to forge a connection to the Divine. It is said to increase inner peace, and facilitate meditation. It banishes negative energy, and promotes intuition and spiritual development.

How should I care for my selenite palm stone?
Your palm stone will arrive wrapped in a thin plastic membrane to protect it from damage in shipping. You can remove that at any time. Selenite is a relatively soft crystal, so avoid dropping it, and do not use water to clean it, as selenite can actually begin to dissolve in running water. If you store your selenite with your other crystals, be sure they will not bang against each other. A stationary collection should be fine, but if you will be carrying the stones with you, wrap the palm stone in a soft cloth to protect it.

Shouldn't I cleanse my selenite palm stone periodically?
Most crystals absorb negative energies over time, and can benefit from a good cleansing now and then. However, selenite is the exception to the rule. It naturally dispels negative energy, and in fact is often used to cleanse other crystals simply by being kept in close proximity with them. That said, if you feel like your palm stone is in need of a shot of fresh energy, let it sit overnight in moonbeams. Selenite has a natural affinity for lunar energies.

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