Malachite Tumbled Gemstones
Malachite Tumbled Gemstones
Malachite Tumbled Gemstones
  • Malachite Tumbled Gemstones
  • Malachite Tumbled Gemstones
  • Malachite Tumbled Gemstones

Malachite Tumbled Gemstones

Only $20.00
  • Good luck, success, safe Travel
  • Set of Three Tumbled gemstones
  • Approximately 3/4" to 1 1/4" in size
CRY-MAL - set of 3 stones

There are so many benefits attributed to malachite, it's hard to know where to begin. It is considered one of the luckiest stones you can have, and is thought to bring good fortune and good health to anyone who carries it.

It is a particularly lucky stone for travelers, protecting them from harm all along their journey. If the stone breaks into pieces, you can be sure that danger lies ahead.

In business, it brings financial success, and recognition for one's achievements. Looking to land that big deal, or impress your new client? Malachite can help! Similarly, if you wish to improve your personal finance, keep a piece of malachite in with your money, and it will surely increase.

According to tradition, malachite would bring sweet dreams and restful sleep when it was hung on a bedpost, or tucked under the pillow.

If past traumas have left you feeling angry, depressed, or anxious, malachite is said to dispel these negative emotions, and to encourage healing and growth. Particularly with regards to relationships, malachite serves to open up communication, and engender feelings of trust and mutual respect.

You are purchasing a set of three tumbled Malachite gemstones. Stones will vary in size and shape, but most are in the range of 3/4" to 1 1/4".

How should I use my gemstones?
Keep them close by, in your pocket, or in a small dish at your work space. Handle them often, as you focus on your needs and wishes. Sleep with them under your pillow. Place them on your altar. Whisper your wishes to them when no one else can hear you. The only thing we do NOT recommend doing is using your gemstones to infuse water that you will be drinking.

How can I cleanse my gemstones?
Over time, gemstones can pick up negative energies as they are used. Many different methods can be employed to cleanse your stones. Bury them in a small container of salt for a few days. Hold them in running water (this is not recommended for soft gemstones like selenite or jet). Let them sit overnight in the light from a full moon. Place them where a fresh breeze can pass over them. What other methods can you think of?

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