Amethyst Gemstone Lasers
Amethyst Gemstone Lasers
Amethyst Gemstone Lasers
  • Amethyst Gemstone Lasers
  • Amethyst Gemstone Lasers
  • Amethyst Gemstone Lasers

Amethyst Gemstone Lasers

Only $22.00
  • Directs, focuses, and Amplifies Energy
  • Set of Three natural gemstones
  • Approximately 2" to 3" in size
CRY-AML - set of 3 stones

"Lasers" is a popular term for naturally-formed crystals with a tapering form, and particularly intense color on one end. In addition to the traditional properties associated with Amethyst, the unusual shape gives rise to further notable attributes.

The elongated shape of these crystals allows them to be used as natural wands- directing, focusing, and amplifying the energy you send through them. When you receive your set of three Amethyst Lasers, see how each one feels as you hold it in your hand. There is a fair amount of variability in the stones. You may find that one just sort of clicks into place when you hold it. Some stones, however, may be too short to hold comfortably on their own, but would work well if secured to the end of a wooden wand or staff. If you wish, Amethyst Lasers can make a powerful addition to any crystal grid you lay out. These pieces also make stunning jewelry when wire wrapped or electroplated.

In Classical times, Amethysts were used as an antidote for strong drink. It was said that holding a piece of Amethyst in one's mouth, or drinking from a vessel carved from the stone, could prevent intoxication. And not only did Amethyst protect again drunkenness, it was also believed to counteract other sorts of excess, and people carried it to encourage moderation and restraint in all things.

In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Amethyst was a symbol of royal birth. Ironically, it was also thought to increase humility and modesty in those who thought too much of themselves. Many medieval soldiers carried Amethyst with them into battle, believing it protect them against injury

Similar to sage, Amethyst is said to drive negative energies out of the room it occupies. If you are trying to make a space in your home or office that is peaceful and welcoming, Amethyst is an excellent ally. When it is kept in the bedroom, Amethyst brings sweet dreams and contentment.

You are purchasing a set of three natural Amethyst Lasers. Stones will vary in size and shape, but most are in the range of 2" to 3".

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