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Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles
  • Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles
  • Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles
  • Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles
  • Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles

Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles

  • Set of 4 candles
  • 4" tall; 1/2" in diameter
  • Burn time is approximately 2 hours
  • Unscented
CAN-PRL - Set of Four Candles
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Oooh... shiny! These Pearl White Chime Candles have a lustrous glow that is truly special. Magically speaking, they have much the same properties as plain white candles do, but believe me, the Pearl White color is hard to resist. Once you get your hands on them, you may never go back to the economy version.

Pearl White Candles are an excellent choice for an "all-purpose" candle. These can be subbed for any other color, when you find you don't have the "right" color on hand. There is never a wrong place or wrong time for this color.

Pearl White candles bring about a sense of peace and calm. They quiet the mind, and give you space to explore your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. Burn these candles for meditation or divination. They bring about clarity, and will help you find the truth.

Pearl White candles convey a sense of innocence. Burn them in cleansing or purifying rituals. They can be used to symbolize fresh starts, when possibilities stretch out endlessly before you and the future is a blank slate.

Pearl White candles are particularly associated with the element of Spirit.

The Pearl White Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles measure approximately 4" tall and 1/2" in diameter, and come in sets of four. The core of these candles is white, with a pearlescent coating on the surface.

How should I charge my candles?
When you are ready to use your candle, before you light it, take a moment to simply hold it in your hands and focus on your objective. In addition to the general intention, think about your situation in particular, and the change that you would like to create. Some people choose to anoint their candles with oil at this time, or carve symbols into the wax. That's entirely up to you.

Why should I trim my candle wick?
The length of a candle's wick determines how much fuel (the melted wax) is feeding the flame. If the wick is left too long, the candle burns more quickly than it should. It also produces more soot as it burns, which can leave a residue on the walls and ceiling. If the wick is too short, the candle will not stay lit. The ideal length is between 1/8-1/4".

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