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Woodland Fantasy Necklace
  • Woodland Fantasy Necklace
  • Woodland Fantasy Necklace
  • Woodland Fantasy Necklace

Woodland Fantasy Necklace

  • Silver-tone zinc alloy
  • Aqua aura quartz crystal
  • 24" long
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There are some pieces of jewelry that make you stand taller, hold your head higher, and act more boldly. This is one of those pieces. You'll feel more magical from the first instant you slip it on. With its bare, twisted branches and shimmering quartz crystal, this is a necklace fit for an elf queen.

The Woodland Fantasy Necklace measures 24" long. It is made from a zinc alloy, with an aqua aura quartz crystal.

Is the crystal real?
The crystal is a polished quartz gemstone, which has been treated with vaporized metals, to give it its beautiful rainbow sheen.

Where should I wear my Woodland Fantasy Necklace?
Wear it when dancing with the fairies under a full moon. You should also have it on when greeting the dryad ambassador from the neighboring kingdom. And definitely, any time you are traveling through an enchanted forest. In fact, we can't think of a time when it wouldn't be appropriate to wear this lovely crystal necklace.

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