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Silver Crystal Moon Pendant
  • Silver Crystal Moon Pendant
  • Silver Crystal Moon Pendant
  • Silver Crystal Moon Pendant

Silver Crystal Moon Pendant

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Genuine amethyst & rainbow moonstone gemstones
  • Measures 1 3/4" tall, including the bail
  • Includes 18" sterling silver chain
PSS-G270 - Sterling Silver
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Absolutely ethereal! This crescent moon pendant looks as if it was woven out of moonbeams and magic. And it isn't just the twining paths of sterling silver that create this effect. The crescent moon pendant is also set with a pair of shimmering rainbow moonstones, and a single shining amethyst. Together, these luminous gemstones capture the essence of the moon's silvery light.

If you love moon jewelry, and the beauty of natural gemstones, this is a pendant you will treasure for years to come. The Crystal Moon Pendant is made of sterling silver, and measures approximately 1 3/4" tall, including the bail. It comes with an 18" sterling silver chain.

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Absolutely! Pendants are one of the easiest jewelry gifts you can give. Ring sizes can be hard to guess, and you may not know if their ears are pierced. But pendants? Those are always in style! Birthday, Christmas, graduation... any excuse will do. Who do you know that would fall in love with this little beauty?

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