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Limited Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
Limited Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
Limited Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
  • Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
  • Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
  • Silver Celtic Fire Necklace
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Silver Celtic Fire Necklace

Only $114.00
  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Natural Garnet gemstone
  • Adjustable from 16" to 18" long
NEC-159 - Sterling Silver
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Gleaming silver and midnight black enamel form a dramatic setting, with a fiery red garnet at its heart. This is an eye-catching Celtic design, drawn from age-old inspirations, but with a thoroughly modern appeal. A necklace like this will never go out of style!

Whether you are buying this garnet Celtic necklace for yourself, or giving it as a gift, you can be sure that it will be an instant heirloom, treasured for years to come. Gemstone lore says that garnets are associated with love and passion, and it is easy to see why. What better symbol could there possibly be of your devotion and commitment?

The Celtic Fire Necklace measures 2 3/8" across, with an overall length that is adjustable between 16" and 18". It is made of sterling silver, embellished with black enamel, and set with a genuine garnet gemstone,

Garnet is my birthstone.
You must be a January baby! Yes, garnet is the birthstone for the first month of the year. Its brilliant color and unique energy are a good match for the vibrant souls born at this time of year.

How did garnet get its name?
Garnet takes its name from the latin word "granatum", meaning seed, as it was thought to resemble the bright red seeds of the pomegranate. There is a Greek myth that tells the story of Hades abducting Persephone, daughter of the Goddess Demeter. Before he released her, he offered her a pomegranate. Thinking no harm, she accepted the gift, and ate a few of the seeds. But, otherworldly gifts often come with strings attached, and this was no exception. Persephone was thereby bound to Hades, and unable to leave his subterranean kingdom. Her mother, the goddess of the harvest, grieved so that the crops failed and famine threatened the land. In the end, a compromise was reached, that Persephone would spend half the year with Hades, and then re-emerge each spring to the delight of her mother, who again caused the crops to thrive. Pomegranate seeds, and by extension, garnets, thus became a symbol of reunion after separation, and bonds of love which cannot be broken.

That's not a ruby?
Nope. Garnets and rubies are entirely different gemstones. Ruby is a variety of corundum, while garnets are a type of silicate mineral. Both stones are known for their brilliant red color, but ruby tends toward pinker shades, while garnet is usually a deeper, more vivid red.

I love this! Do you have any matching pieces?
Absolutely! Check out the Celtic Fire Ring and Bracelet. I think you'll be delighted.

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