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Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant
  • Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant
  • Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant
  • Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant

Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant

  • Solid bronze
  • Measures 1 5/8" tall
  • Includes 33" black cord
PBZ-330 - Bronze
5 out of 5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
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The new moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. It shows you an opportunity for hope and renewal. When the crescent moon sails through the night sky, you can feel that change is on the horizon, and better days are ahead. When your spirits are at low ebb, sometimes all you need is the right piece of jewelry to help you recapture that feeling that your fortunes are on the rise, and anything is possible. That is the message found in the design of this enchanting crescent moon pendant.

The Celtic Moon pendant is cast from bronze. It measures 1 5/8" tall including the bail, and comes on a 33" black cord which can be tied at whatever length you need.

What is the meaning of the Celtic knots on the Moon?
The Celtic knots symbolize interconnection, and an unseen pattern that links each part to the Whole.

I am sensitive to some metals. Is bronze going to irritate my skin?
Generally speaking, metal sensitivities are only an issue with jewelry that is worn for prolonged periods right next to the skin. This would include rings and earrings. Typically, pendants have a much lower chance of causing problems. That being said, bronze is an alloy that contains a mix of metals, primarily copper (88%) and tin (12%), with traces of aluminum, zinc, nickel, silicon, arsenic, and/or phosphorus. This mixture creates a beautiful alloy that is more durable than copper alone, but if you know you are sensitive to any of the components, you might want to stick to our sterling silver jewelry.

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    5 stars
    A review by for Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant

    It’s even more beautiful than pictured.

    5 stars
    A review by for Bronze Celtic Moon Pendant

    This is well made and a nice weight and size. It arrived quickly, too. It is bronze and will dull over time, but a polishing cloth shines it up very nicely in no time at all. I bought these to go with the Celtic Teardrop Earrings.