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Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant
Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant
Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant
  • Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant
  • Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant
  • Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant

Bronze Athena's Owl Pendant

Only $20.00
  • Solid bronze
  • Measures 1" across
  • Includes 33" black cord
PBZ-344 - Bronze

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the owl has been the symbol of the goddess Athena and her great wisdom. Like the owl who can see through darkness, one with true wisdom will be able to see the Truth, even when it is obscured. As a totem animal, the owl is renowned for its clairvoyance and magic. Its acute eyesight and hearing give it the ability to discern secrets and deceptions in the moonlit world. Although some cultures consider the owl to be an unlucky portent, the owl is also known for being silent, graceful, and perceptive.

This owl pendant is cast from bronze. It measures 1" across, and comes on a 33" black cord which can be tied at whatever length you need.

What is the connection between the goddess Athena and owls?
In some stories, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war is accompanied by an owl, and in others, she actually becomes the owl. Also, in various sources, she is referred to as "owl-eyed" or "flashing eyed". Either way, the connection between Athena and the bird are undeniable.

I am sensitive to some metals. Is bronze going to irritate my skin?
Generally speaking, metal sensitivities are only an issue with jewelry that is worn for prolonged periods right next to the skin. This would include rings and earrings. Typically, pendants will not cause any problems. That being said, bronze is an alloy that contains a mix of metals, primarily copper (88%) and tin (12%), with traces of aluminum, zinc, nickel, silicon, arsenic, and/or phosphorus. This mixture creates a beautiful alloy that is more durable than copper alone, but if you know you are sensitive to any of the components, you might want to stick to our sterling silver jewelry.

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