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Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant
  • Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant
  • Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant

Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant

  • Solid bronze
  • Measures 1" in diameter
  • Includes 33" black cord
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Often used to represent the male aspect of the Divine, the stag symbolizes strength, nobility, and a direct connection with nature. Whether you know him by the name Cernunnos, or Herne the Hunter, or simply as the Lord of the Forest, you will recognize his wild power and raw energy. If you've been searching for the perfect piece of pagan or wiccan jewelry, you just may have found it!

This is a pendant that delights with the details. Take a closer look at how the stag's head is superimposed on the pentacle. The back of the piece is almost as beautiful as the front!

Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant measures 1" in diameter, and hangs from a 33" black cord. It is cast from bronze.

Is the meant to be worn by men or women?
Like most of our jewelry, this design is unisex. If you love it, you should wear it! That said, the Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant does have a decidedly masculine vibe that is likely to appeal to male witches. And let's face it, we all know how hard it can be for the guys to find high-quality, affordable jewelry in pagan and wiccan designs.

Is the cord adjustable?
The cord comes untied, so you can choose the length that works best for you. Simply trim off the excess cord once you have tied it.

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    5 stars
    A review by for Bronze Stag Head Pentacle Pendant

    This is a really unique design, and pentacle jewelry that isn't silver is always nice to find. It feels sturdy, and I look forward to wearing it for a long time.