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Leather Celtic Barrette
  • Leather Celtic Barrette
  • Leather Celtic Barrette
  • Leather Celtic Barrette
  • Leather Celtic Barrette
  • Leather Celtic Barrette

Leather Celtic Barrette

  • Lead free pewter
  • Finest quality French clip mechanisms
  • Hand cast at Oberon Design
  • Measures: 3 1/2" x 1 1/4"
HAR-PB09 - lead-free pewter
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Bold and beautiful! The sensual appeal of genuine leather inset in this barrette is perfectly complemented by the soft gleam of polished pewter. This is one hair clip that will never look out of place, whether you're at work or play, in casual or formal occasions. Dress it up or dress it down. This barrette is ready for whatever the day may bring.

The Leather Celtic Barrette is made of lead-free pewter and top-quality cow hide, with a high quality imported French clip that will never pull or tangle your hair. This barrette measures 3 1/2" across, and the opening for the French clip is 2 1/2".

Can I wear this with my thick/thin/coarse/fine/curly/straight hair?
Good news! The Leather Celtic Barrette is designed hold your hair comfortably and securely, no matter what kind of hair type you have.

What hair styles can I use this for?
Don't restrict yourself to just plain ponytails. You can also use this versatile hair clip for partial updos, twists, messy buns, or partial ponytails. Have fun experimenting!

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