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On Sale! "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin
  • "Witch" Enamel Pin

"Witch" Enamel Pin

  • Pin measures 1" in diameter
  • Silver-tone outline
  • Includes silver-tone butterfly clutch
PIN-008 - Enamel Pin
$9.00 - SAVE 50%! Now $4.50
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At long last, witches of the world are finally able to embrace the word "Witch". Once a term of derision and contempt, or worse, fear and loathing, the magical community is now strong enough and vocal enough to shape the word into a term of respect. Are you a Witch? Sing it out loud and clear for all the world to hear!

This Witch pin has a silver-tone outline. The pin back is a silver-tone butterfly clutch. This pin measures approximately 1" in diameter.

Cute and casual, our enamel pins are just right for wearing on jackets, lanyards, hats, purses, backpacks, or just about anywhere. Although they are often called "lapel pins", don't let that stop you from wearing it whenever and however you like. Find the perfect combo to express your unique personality with pizzazz.

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