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New! Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye
  • Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye
  • Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye
  • Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye
  • Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye

Silver Pentacle Earrings w/ Tiger Eye

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Genuine tiger eye gemstone
  • With sterling silver french hooks, for pierced ears only
  • Measures 1 1/8" tall, including the hooks
ESS-169 - Sterling Silver
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Although tiny in size, these pentacle earrings nevertheless pack a big punch. The five-point star, enclosed within a perfect circle, is frequently used by wiccans and pagans as a symbol of their faith, and of the magic they seek to wield.

The magical properties of the pentacles are enhanced by the inclusion of tiger eye gemstones in their centers. If you delve into gemstone lore, you'll find that tiger eye is known to have a stabilizing influence, helping one to stay grounded and balanced.

Tiger eye is also said to be a stone of prosperity and good fortune, encouraging common sense, bringing success in business, building wealth, and helping to protect existing resources.

The Silver Pentacle Earrings with Tiger Eye measures approximately 1 1/8" tall, including the hooks. The pentacle design is just over 1/2" in diameter. They are made of sterling silver, for pierced ears only.

Do I have to wear a pentacle if I am a pagan or wiccan?
The short answer is simply: No. Many pagans find that they enjoy having a pentacle pendant, or other piece of jewelry, that acts as a focus, reinforcing their identity and beliefs. But it is in no way necessary. You aren't going to be less of a "real" pagan if you don't have one. And in fact, I would be highly suspicious of someone who made such a claim. If this piece resonates with you, then by all means, it should be yours. But if not, keep looking. There's no need to buy a piece of jewelry just to "follow the rules".

What is the difference between a "pentacle" and a "pentagram"?
Unfortunately, that's a difficult question to answer, as people ascribe different meanings to the two terms. Some people use the words interchangeably. Others say that the pentagram is the five point star, while the pentacle is the star with the surrounding circle. Still others use pentacle to mean an upright star in a circle, and pentagram to mean an inverted star and circle.

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