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Silver Feather Dangle Earrings
Silver Feather Dangle Earrings
Silver Feather Dangle Earrings
  • Silver Feather Dangle Earrings
  • Silver Feather Dangle Earrings
  • Silver Feather Dangle Earrings

Silver Feather Dangle Earrings

Only $23.00
  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • With sterling silver french hooks, for pierced ears only
  • 1 3/4" tall, including the hooks
ESS-9703 - Sterling Silver

Art imitates Nature in these sterling silver feather earrings. So delightfully delicate, and just right for when you are ready to spread your wings and fly. Feathers are powerful symbols of freedom, perspective, and hope. Whether these earrings remind you of eagles or angels (or something else entirely), you'll love their graceful beauty.

I believe that any great piece of jewelry will have a private, personal meaning for the wearer. Something beyond the simple beauty of the piece. Something powerful and relevant, that holds a significance for your eyes alone. What do you think? Do these earrings strike a chord with you?

The Silver Feather Dangle Earrings measure approximately 1 3/4" tall, including the French hooks. For pierced ears only.

Is a feather a symbol of gratitude?
It can be! The people of the Iroquois tribe, for instance, hold a ceremony known as the Great Feather Dance to give thanks to the gods. As the name suggests, they wear clothing decorated with feathers, or weave them into their hair, or tie them to their livestock, as an act of thanksgiving. Having a piece of jewelry that evokes such a feeling of appreciation when you wear it is a great way to develop an "attitude of gratitude", which in turn can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Can a feather be a message from my spirit guide?
Yes, that too! Sometimes when you spot a random feather along your path, it is a sign that you need to pay closer attention to something. It's like the Universe is dropping a hint, and you need to listen up!

Whenever I see a feather, I think of a certain loved one who has passed away.
I have heard so many people say the same thing, and even experienced it myself. It seems that often when a single feather appears unexpectedly, people understand that it is a message of comfort and reassurance from a loved one who has travelled beyond the Veil.

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