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New! Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings
  • Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings
  • Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings
  • Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings
  • Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings
  • Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings

Silver Celtic Moon Raven Earrings

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • With sterling silver french hooks, for pierced ears only
  • 1 5/16" tall, including the hooks
ESS-9898 - Sterling Silver
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Embrace the dark! In a world of shadows and shade, your soul thrills to the beauty of the crescent moon in the midnight sky, and the flash of night-black wings in the moonlight— a beauty reflecting in these stunning sterling silver earrings with Celtic ravens perched on the arms of the new moon.

Full of magic and mystery, these silver raven earrings incorporate Celtic knots on both the moons and the birds. Even the tiny pentacle star at the heart of the moon, features delicately woven points.

The Celtic Moon Raven Earrings measure 1 5/16" tall, including the French hooks. The earrings are made of sterling silver. For pierced ears only.

What's so special about ravens?
Aside from their rich tradition in mythology and symbolism, ravens are fascinating birds in their own right. They are highly intelligent birds. They can use logic and reasoning to solve puzzles, and often use tools to accomplish their goals. They are also playful, and seem to have a wicked sense of humor, hence their reputation as a trickster spirit.

What Celtic deities are associated with the Raven?
The Celts believed that ravens were messengers between the realm of mortals and the Otherworld, or world of spirits. Ravens and crows appear in countless Celtic legends and tales, but there are certain deities that have a particularly strong connection to these extraordinary birds. The goddess Morrigan often took the form of a raven. She gave strength to warriors in battle, but her appearance could also foretell of death or doom on the battlefield. Bran ap Llyr, or Bran the Blessed, was a Welsh king, and god of prophecy. In Welsh mythology, he is also called Bendigeidfran, meaning "Holy Raven" or "Blessed Crow". And finally, the sun god, Lugh (Lleu, Llew) counted the raven as one of his special animal companions.

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