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Natural Feather Ear Wrap
  • Natural Feather Ear Wrap
  • Natural Feather Ear Wrap
  • Natural Feather Ear Wrap
  • Natural Feather Ear Wrap
  • Natural Feather Ear Wrap

Natural Feather Ear Wrap

  • Made with real feathers
  • Sold individually
  • Does not require pierced ears
5 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer review
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Shouldn't your jewelry be just as unique as you are? This eye-catching feather ear cuff will set you apart from the crowd for sure! No need for pierced ears. This just hooks over your ear, and is so comfortable to wear.

Each ear wrap measures 7-8" overall, and is made of a zinc alloy and real feathers. Suitable for both men and women, this feather ear wrap is perfect for adding a touch of post-apocalyptic, boho charm to any outfit.

This ear cuff is sold individually. Because of the shape of the feathers, it is meant to be worn on the left ear. If you choose to wear it on your right ear, the feathers will stand out away from your head, and their undersides will show (see the second picture in this group).

What kind of feathers are these?
These are made with turkey feathers.

How should I care for it?
Over time, the feathers may start to separate and look a little shaggy. Simply run your fingers over the feathers, from base to tip, to comb them back into place. When you are not wearing the cuff, be sure it is protected from getting jumbled up with your other jewelry.

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    5 stars
    A review by for Natural Feather Ear Wrap

    I love my feather ear cuff! It’s surprisingly comfortable and secure. I forgot I was wearing it!

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