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Clearance! Unicorn Ring
Clearance! Unicorn Ring
Clearance! Unicorn Ring
Clearance! Unicorn Ring
Clearance! Unicorn Ring
  • Unicorn Ring
  • Unicorn Ring
  • Unicorn Ring
  • Unicorn Ring
  • Unicorn Ring
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Unicorn Ring

Only $12.00
  • Metal alloy
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Small style approximately 7/16" across
  • Large style approximately 5/8" across
  • Available in sizes 5-12
RST-A350 - Metal Alloy
$16.00 - Clearance - SAVE 25%! Now Only $12.00
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This is the perfect piece of jewelry for someone who is as rare and beautiful as the elusive unicorn. Tell the truth now— doesn't this unicorn set you to dreaming about castles and far away kingdoms? It's like a fairy tale come true! Couldn't we all use a little more of that kind of magic in our lives?

Note: Due to an issue with the supplier, we are having a problem sourcing this ring in a consistent size, so we have decided to discontinue this ring.

The Unicorn ring is made from a durable metal alloy that will not rust or tarnish. A deep blue crystal takes center stage in this enchanting ring, while smaller ice-blue crystals appear in its windswept mane. The Unicorn Ring measures approximately 7/16" across in the smaller style (or 5/8" across for the larger style).

Is this ring comfortable to wear?
Unlike some other unicorn rings, where the horn sits at an angle to the finger, in our version, the unicorn's horn follows the curve of the finger, giving it a low profile that is smooth and comfortable to wear.

What type of metal alloy is this ring made out of?
The unicorn ring is most likely made from a zinc alloy. Unfortunately, because of how we source these rings, I cannot say for certain what the exact metal content is. If you have any known metal allergies, such as a sensitivity to nickel, it is probably best to stick with our sterling silver rings.

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