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Silver Stag's Head Ring
Silver Stag's Head Ring
Silver Stag's Head Ring
  • Silver Stag's Head Ring
  • Silver Stag's Head Ring
  • Silver Stag's Head Ring

Silver Stag's Head Ring

Only $19.00
  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Available in whole sizes 7-9
  • Approximately 3/8" wide
RSS-2027 - Sterling Silver
Tips for Choosing the Correct Ring Size

There's no denying it: your soul is drawn to the sunlight and shade of the forest's floor, and the wild magic of the woods. Your heart beats in time with Nature and all its wonders. Our Stag's Head ring perfectly reflects your untamed spirit.

The finely sculpted deer's head, with its spreading antlers, measures just over 3/8" tall, and the band is only 1/16" across at its narrowest point. So delicate and lovely! This ring is made of sterling silver.

Who is Elen of the Ways?
Most often, when we see a female deity in a wilderness setting, she is identified as Artemis or Diana, the goddess of the hunt in the greek/Roman pantheon. But the Welsh had a forest goddess as well, and she was known as Elen of the Ways. She is often depicted with a stag's antlers on her head. As a woodland goddess, Elen is closely associated with birth, death, and all that lies between. As a protector of the pathways, she is the guardian and guide of travelers, be they human or animal. Often, she may be found when one seeks to tread the hidden path between the worlds.

Why don't you offer this ring in larger sizes?
Believe me, we want to! At the present time, we can only get this ring in a very limited range of sizes. While we hope that will expand in the future, it really is out of our hands. I encourage you to think outside the box, and try wearing it on fingers other than your ring finger. This ring is not a good candidate for re-sizing, unfortunately.

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