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Silver Rose Ring
  • Silver Rose Ring
  • Silver Rose Ring
  • Silver Rose Ring
  • Silver Rose Ring

Silver Rose Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Available in whole sizes 6-9
  • Approximately 5/16" wide
RSS-2875 - Sterling Silver
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Is there any flower on earth quite as perfect as a rose? With its spiraling petals and sweet aroma, it truly is the queen of the garden. Our silver Rose Ring captures just a bit of that delight, with a ring that is as lovely and romantic as its namesake. All of the beauty, and none of the thorns!

Whether you plan on wearing it as part of a set of stack rings, or as a showstopper all on its own, the Silver Rose Ring is one piece of jewelry you won't want to be without!

The Rose Ring is made of sterling silver, and measures 1/4" wide. It is available in sizes 6-9, whole sizes only.

What is the meaning of the rose?
In Victorian times, the "language of flowers" was in widespread use as a method of discreetly delivering messages which could not be spoken aloud. Although the intricacies of the language are now largely lost to time, the various meanings associated with roses have survived into modern times. Red roses, of course, are associated with love and passion, while white roses reflect innocence and purity. Yellow roses send a message of friendship. Pink roses are a symbol of gratitude and admiration.

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    5 stars
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    I order a lot from this website and I haven’t been let down once. I bought this one for a friend of mine and she absolutely loved it! I am a loyal customer, thanks for your beautiful products!