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Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring
  • Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring
  • Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring
  • Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring
  • Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring

Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Available in whole sizes 5-9
  • Approximately 1/2" wide
RSS-3598 - Sterling Silver
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How do you know where your new favorite ring is? X marks the spot! This Silver Pirate's Treasure Ring is inspired by the patterns found on old coins and exotic plunder from across the seven seas. And there's even a subtle "X" at the diamond's heart, just like you'd find on a map for buried treasure. Whether you're an old salt or a mere landlubber, this beautiful silver ring is sure to become your favorite bit of booty.

The design on this ring measures just under 1/2" wide. Its graceful diamond shape makes fingers appear longer and leaner. The ring is made of sterling silver, and available in sizes 5-9, whole sizes only.

"Pirate's Treasure Ring" seems like a bit of s stretch. Why do you call it that?
Well, two reasons, actually. The folks who make this ring for us call it a "Victorian" ring, and while it certainly might feel at home in the Victorian era, that just seemed a bit insipid for this design. I could more easily see this ring on the hand of a pirate queen than on some pale maiden languishing on a fainting couch.

The second reason is more practical- what do you call a ring with a diamond-shaped design? Calling it a "diamond ring" gives people the wrong idea! So I had to find something that described the patterns on it, rather than its shape.

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