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Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring
  • Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring
  • Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring
  • Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring
  • Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring

Silver Lotus and Leaf Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Available in whole sizes 4-9
  • Approximately 5/8" wide
RSS-2814 - Sterling Silver
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There is something deeply soothing and spiritual to be found in the graceful lines of the Lotus Flower Ring. The flower's simple imagery evokes a deep sense of peace and serenity. This ring is just a little bit of take-it-with-you tranquility as you go through your busy day.

The lotus blossom is particularly associated with the Buddhist religion. With its roots buried in the mud, the flower itself floats at the end of a long stalk, suggesting that it is pure and unstained by the desires of the world. And its unfolding petals are said to represent the growth of the soul itself.

The Lotus and Leaf Ring is made of sterling silver, and measures approximately 5/8" wide. It is available in sizes 4-9, whole sizes only.

Is this ring adjustable?
Yes, it is. The leaf is separate from the lotus flower, so you can gently form it to your ideal fit as needed. No special tools needed. Fingertip pressure is enough.

Can I wear this ring while I'm working?
Well, it depends. It will be fine if you have a nice, quiet desk job. But if you work with your hands a lot, you might want to save it for special occasions. Unlike our other rings, this one is not made for a great deal of wear and tear.

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