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Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring
  • Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring

Silver Honeybee Spoon Ring

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Available in whole sizes 6-10
  • Adjustable
  • Approximately 7/16" wide
RSS-2346 - Sterling Silver
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This charming spoon ring has a design that is just as sweet as honey, I'm sure you'll agree. All the flowers in the garden can't compare to the beauty you'll find in this piece of jewelry, with its lovingly detailed honeybee perched at the widest point of the ring, and a tiny blooming flower on the other end.

The Honeybee Spoon Ring is made of sterling silver. Because it is made to wrap around the finger, with overlapping ends, it is slightly adjustable, so you can customize the fit for maximum comfort. (Pro-tip: this feature also makes this ring an ideal gift for someone if you are not sure of their ring size).

The "bee" end of the ring measures 7/16" across. Measuring across both ends of the ring, and the gap between them, gives a distance of approximately 3/4". This ring is available in sizes 6-10, whole sizes only.

What is a spoon ring?
Originally, spoon rings were made from the handles of silverware, shaped to fit around one's finger. Nowadays, jewelers do not use actual flatware as their starting point, although they do retain the typical shape that one would get from using a spoon for the material, with one arm of the ring being wider and more ornate than the other.

What does a bee symbolize?
Most people think of energy and persistence when they think of honeybees. There's a reason we call it, "busy as a bee"! Think on those time when all your focus is on achieving your goal. The tireless dedication and spirit you display in your work could easily be symbolized by this most industrious of creatures.

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