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Moon Phase Ring
  • Moon Phase Ring
  • Moon Phase Ring
  • Moon Phase Ring
  • Moon Phase Ring

Moon Phase Ring

  • Silver-plated zinc alloy
  • 3/16" wide
  • Available in sizes 5-10
RST-A415 - Zinc Alloy
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Those of us who feel the pull of the Moon in our blood will find this ring irresistible. From crescent to full, and back to crescent again, this ring perfectly captures the ebb and flow of lunar energies in our daily lives.

The Moon Phase Ring measures approximately 3/16" across, making it suitable for stacking with other rings, or for wearing it alone as a statement piece. Either way, we're willing to bet this is a ring you will find yourself reaching for each and every day.

Our Moon Phase Ring is made of zinc alloy, plated with sterling silver.

What is a "selenophile"?
A selenophile is someone who loves the Moon. It takes its name from Selene, the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology.

What can I learn from the Moon?
We all go through phases when we find it difficult to shine brightly. This doesn't mean that you have failed, or that you are incomplete. Just give yourself some more time. The cycle is always changing, and your chance for brilliance is close at hand.

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