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Celtic Aura Ring
  • Celtic Aura Ring
  • Celtic Aura Ring
  • Celtic Aura Ring
  • Celtic Aura Ring

Celtic Aura Ring

  • Stainless steel
  • Cubic Zirconia crystals
  • Approximately 3/8" wide
  • Available in sizes 5-12
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Pictures cannot hope to do justice to the shine and sparkle of this Celtic Aura Ring. The central crystal, in particular, is simply stunning. shifting between shades of sea green and brilliant purple. You'll find yourself turning your hand back and forth, just to watch the play of light in the stone's depths.

And as if that weren't enough, a series of smaller, clear crystals flank the main stone, adding their own luster to this spectacular ring.

The ring itself is cast from stainless steel, with subtle Celtic knots framing the main crystal. Although steel does not have quite the prestige of say, sterling silver or platinum jewelry, it offers so many advantages. There's no denying that it is tough and durable, of course. But it also takes a beautiful polish, and is so economical.

The Celtic Aura Ring measures 3/8" across at its widest point. It is available in sizes 5-12, whole sizes only.

Is that a natural gemstone?
The stone in this ring is a man-made crystal. Although it might resemble natural gemstones such as alexandrite, no naturally occurring gem can hope to match the fire and extraordinary color of the manufactured gem.

Is that Octarine?
The colors in the main crystal do resemble the fictional "color of magic" as described by Sir Terry Pratchett in his books. Fortunately, though, these hues are visible to everyone, not just wizards and cats.

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