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Limited Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette
  • Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette
  • Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette
  • Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette
  • Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette

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Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette

  • Copper-colored zinc alloy
  • Measures 2 1/4" across
4 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer review
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Just look at the sinuous curves of this elegant copper dragon! This is one tiny but fierce companion that you will want to have with you every day. Best of all, this little dragon is just as useful as it is beautiful, holding your hair in place comfortably and securely.

Stick barrettes are easy to use, but may take a little practice right at first, if you haven't used them before. Simply twist your hair into the style you want your barrette to hold. A bun or ponytail are good choices for your early attempts. Lay the barrette over your hair, and slide the stick down through the tail of the dragon. Then, twisting the stick until it is parallel to your head, slide the stick under your hair, and out through the curve in the dragon's neck.

Will this barrette work with fine hair?
If you have extremely fine hair, it may be necessary to secure it with an elastic hairband first. Then when you add the barrette, the hairband will be hidden beneath it, but will hold it securely in place with no slipping.

Does this barrette bend easily?
No, both the barrette and the stick are quite sturdy. You do not need to worry about them bending out of shape.

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    4 stars
    A review by for Copper-Colored Dragon Barrette

    Beautiful! But a little heavy. I've only tried it in my hair once so far and it ended up pulling my hair down after a few hours. I like how sturdy it is, but a lighter weight might have been easier to use.