Bat Pewter Suncatcher
Bat Pewter Suncatcher
Bat Pewter Suncatcher
  • Bat Pewter Suncatcher
  • Bat Pewter Suncatcher
  • Bat Pewter Suncatcher

Bat Pewter Suncatcher

Only $17.00
  • Lead-free pewter
  • Approximately 2 3/4" tall
  • Made in the USA
PEW-6077 - Pewter

He'd rather be winging his way through the darkest night, of course, but that won't stop this beautiful little bat from hanging around in the sunlight for a while. Place one of these suncatchers in any window of your home, and let the Austrian crystal add a rainbow to your room. You'd have to have bats in your belfry not to love this little guy!

The Bat Suncatcher is made of lead-free pewter, and measures 2 3/4" tall, including the crystal.

What is an Austrian crystal?
Austrian crystals are a type of rhinestone, so named for their rich history originating on the shores of the Rhine River which borders the country of Austria. In the 18th and 19th centuries, inventors from the area developed and improved upon methods of making man-made glass crystals which mimicked the sparkle and shine of naturally occurring rock crystals. Since that time, the technology has steadily advanced, resulting in crystals of superior quality and a reasonable price.

So what makes the rainbow?
These suncatchers use Aurora Borealis crystals, or AB crystals, as their focal point. In part, the spectacular flashes of color come from the cut and polish of the crystals. In addition though, these crystals have been enhanced with super-fine metallic coatings applied to their surfaces, which catch the light, and transform it into a rainbow of color.

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